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Access CBD Gummies - Berry Flavour - 250mg

Access CBD Gummies - Berry Flavour - 250mg

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These delicious CBD Gummies by ACCESS CBD® offer an easy way to top up on CBD throughout the day. Each sweet packs a zesty burst of orange and lemon flavour, hand-finished with our very own natural terpene blend and 25mg of CBD. Suitable for vegans and gluten free.

ACCESS CBD® CBD Gummies provide an enjoyable way to get a dose of CBD. Bursting with fruity flavours, they are made with natural terpenes and contain 25mg of CBD. Not only are these gummies THC-free, they are suitable for vegan individuals and offer a delectable snack throughout the day.

Every pouch of ACCESS CBD® CBD Gummies contains 10 chewy sweets, each delivering 25mg of CBD. To optimise CBD bioavailability, we suggest you savour each gummy slowly before munching. Reseal the pouch to maintain freshness.

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