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Martial Arts School Tatami Mat Training Socks - Black/Pink

Martial Arts School Tatami Mat Training Socks - Black/Pink

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*New and Exclusive Grappling Socks

Offers protection against mat burns and friction whilst grappling to help avoid unwanted pain and injury during training.

After months of reasearch, design and development, we are proud to present our Playwell Grappling Socks. The first MMA ankle support/ grappling socks designed to provide grip, support and stability. Made using;

superstretch neoprene

textured non-slip sole

Our grappling socks are a hybrid performance footwear style that feature Grip & Grab technology giving you the edge during training or competition.

Able to be worn on the mat or the cage with or without shoes, it will enhance each martial arts session. Making sure you get the most out of your training by providing you with enhanced grip, movement, agility as well as offering support and protection for your ankle area.


Medium = Foot Size 6/7

Large = Foot Size 8/9

X-Large = Foot Size 10/11

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