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Bad Boy MMA 4oz Sparring Fight Gloves - With Thumb

Bad Boy MMA 4oz Sparring Fight Gloves - With Thumb

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Bad Boy MMA 4oz Sparring Fight Gloves With Thumb


The MMA Glove with thumb supplied by Bad Boy UK is made from a synthetic leather which is extremely durable and tear resistant. The glove includes low profile wrist support with hook and loop cuff for secure fit. The Bad Boy MMA glove is suitable for intensive training sessions in sports such as sparring, muay thai and MMA kickboxing. 


  • Engineered with highly resistant synthetic leather and breathable moisture wicking lining
  • Designed with a multi-layered foam padding to deliver superior shock absorption without the weight
  • Ergonomic design shapes your hands perfectly, allowing a natural fist curve
  • Wide Hook and loop strap delivers a secure, fast and customisable adjustment ensuring optimal wrist support
  • The breathable inner lining eases sweat evacuation to keep your gear fresh and far away from bacteria and bad odours
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