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Deluxe Style Weighted Training Jacket - 30 KG

Deluxe Style Weighted Training Jacket - 30 KG

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Our Best Selling Weighted Vest Just Got Better Now Available in 30kg. 

Add weight and intensity to your exercise or sports conditioning program with the Weighted Vest made by Playwell. Being used by many professional and amateur athletes as well as the general consumer, the Vests were developed as a total body weight system that allows exercisers to add resistance to their workout safely.

Here is why the This Weighted Jacket is the is the best total body-training vest in the industry:

  • One size fits all:The Weighted Vest  can accommodate chest sizes up to 80 inches in circumference and allows for ample spacing between the rib and hip area of most individuals to enhance uninterupted movement.
  • Breathe with comfort:The unique design of the Vest includes a stretchable neoprene strapping system which secures the vest to your body while allowing the vest to expand and accomodate to your normal breathing pattern during exercise.
  • Becuase of the deisgn the weights are distributed evenly throughout the whole jacket so you can get a much better workout as weight is not concentrated in one area like all the other wight jackets out there.
  • Weights are full adjustable to your own requirements so you can gradually  increase strength.
  • Weights are Included Withe The jacket

Vests slips over the head and strap across the body using the cross strapping system that helps keep the vest from shifting side-to-side. Extra padded shoulders also help prevent chaffing around the neck area.


  • Evenly distributed weights through jacket, ( front, back )
    Weights included with jacket
  • Extremely Comfortable to Wear
  • Form fitting
  • Full padded lining
  • Comfortable
  • Cross-strapping system
  • Washable
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